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1/? comic: Lead and Follow

Title: Lead and Follow
Artist: sakurabatou
Timeline: End of KH 1 through end of KH II
Characters: Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, Cloud, Tifa
Pairing(s): LeonxCloud, AerithxTifa
Notes: This is gonna be a long one. Each chapter is from the point of view/focuses on a certain character. This is my first completely inked doujinshi. :D And I'm totally not sorry for spamming your f-lists, hanae0711 has been bugging me to post all my doujin for ages.
Genre: Romance/angst/drama
Rating: R (G for this post)

So far: cover, chapter 1 cover, pages 1-4.Collapse )

Oneshot comic: a day like this

Title: a day like this
Artist: sakurabatou
Timeline: KH II, post-Showdown of Fate
Characters: Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith
Pairing(s): LeonxCloud
Notes: 26 pages + omake. Originally posted on my DA account. I’m rather happy with how this came out overall, even though it still needs a cover and I could improve the art.
Genre: Romance/comedy/angst
Rating: PG-13 (for kissing oh noes)

Cloud feels like he’s forgetting something, but no one will tell him what it is.Collapse )

Oneshot comic: incompletion

Title: incompletion
Artist: sakurabatou
Timeline: KH II, post-Showdown of Fate
Characters: Leon, Cloud, Tifa
Pairing(s): LeonxCloud, CloudxTifa
Notes: Cover + 22 pages. All rough, I don't know if I'll ever go back and fix this up...it's a bit painful.
Genre: Angst/Romance/Tragedy
Rating: PG

if you love something, let it goCollapse )
Title: the one with all the silence
Artist: sakurabatou
Timeline: KH II, post-Showdown of Fate
Characters: Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, Aerith, Tifa
Pairing(s): LeonxCloud
Notes: Narration/text is the lyrics from the song "the one with all the silence" by Darci Cash. Cover + 13 pages. Finally put this up after months of being lazy. I apologize for the degeneration of quality near the end; excessive pencil work wears me out.
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: G

no words, for my silence says too muchCollapse )

Another Night

Hi everyone!
I've just started a doujinshi about one of my friend selina84's fics <3 We're Italian girls who really, really, really love KH, its worlds and its characters, its millions of  pairings. Everything! Let me introduce the doujinshi:

Title: Another Night
Illustrator: sally_chan82
Writer: selina84
Rating: PG13/T
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: Some of KH2 end
Pairing: Riku/Naminé, and a bit of Riku/Sora, Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Naminé and Axel/Roxas
Summary: «I will never be touched. I will never be hugged. I will never be kissed. I will always be nothing.»

Page 1
Page 2

If you want, you can find here the fanfic in English, and here the original in Italian.
We hope you'll appreciate it! <3

Oneshot comic : Interruption~

Title : Interruption~
Artist : C'est moi~ kyme
Timeline : AU I thinks. After babies.
Characters : Cloud, Leon, Sora, Roxas
Pairing : Cloud/Leon (just a bit~)
Notes : um... did it for Hana darling~ Jap boy was WTF-ed.
Genre : AU~ Humour.
Rating : Hana says G.

Oneshot Script: Firefly

Title: Firefly
Author: hanae0711
Timeline: (Pre-)Kingdom Hearts; Kingdom Hearts 2
Characters: Squall, 12 and Cloud, 9; Adult Leon and Adult Cloud
Pairing(s): Leon/Cloud
Notes: No spoilers, unless you count Cloud's demon wing + KH2 clothes.
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G

FireflyCollapse )

The Requisite FAQ Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Requisite FAQ Post. This will be the official 'help' post, so if there are any inquiries that you possess, you may leave a comment here. But be sure to read the FAQ first. FAQ-answerable questions will be ignored, and then set alight with a burning ostrich. :D

Q. What is 'doujinshi'?
A: It is what you pine for once you reach Fandom Addict Stage 4. If you really don't know, please educate yourself with Wikipedia or something.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A: Because we can. And also because we like it.

Q. Can I post stuff here which I've posted elsewhere?
A: Yes.

Q. How about someone else's work?
A: If you have their permission. You must credit the proper and original source. We do not tolerate plagiarism as kindly as we tolerate menial behaviour. If it's from a Japanese doujinshi circle, you obviously can't get their permission, but we allow the post. As long as we know that it's a doujinshi circle doing the art and not you.

Q. How do you organize the entries?
A: We have a tags post and members are allowed to add existing tags to their entries. 'R' is for rating, 'C' is for 'character', 'P' is for pairing. Yes, 'orgy 13' and 'dogpile' are considered pairings too.

Q. What if the pairing in my work is ambiguous? As in, there isn't a clear 'seme' or 'uke'.
A: Add both variations of the pairing, i.e. cloud/leon and leon/cloud.

A: Tell one of the mods. We'll handle it from there. ;D

Q. What else can we do aside from post our doujinshi and scripts?
A: Oho, lots of stuff. You can post scans/scanlations from doujinshi circles, you can have discussions about a doujinshi, you can have discussions about what to have in a doujinshi you plan on making, and you can advertise for someone to collab with you on a doujinshi. Keyword? DOUJINSHI.

Q. Can I post roughs/drafts?
A: Yes. And we hope that you'll end up inking that rough and posting it again later as a proper comic.

Q. Can I post a 4 panel chibi comic?
A: Yes.

Q. Can I post a single page illustration with some text?
A: ... yes. If it's supposed to be like an omake or a cover or something. But don't abuse it. We're a doujinshi community. khxart exists for a reason.

Q. What is your policy on squick, porn, violence, and other related things?
A: 'Anything goes.'

Q. You're kidding.
A: No. We like to call it 'the rating system' or 'the header'. Use it well, young padawan.

Q. Can I be a mod?
A: No.

Q. Why not? D8
A: We have our reasons. And our choices. Chances are, you're not one of them. Sorry. :/

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